Foodicine (Food as Medicine) ~ Garlic

10 minutes make a difference!

Garlic is an antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, anticlotting and anticancer food. It’s also known as the ‘Allicin Wonderland Drug’ or ‘Russian penicillin’

Garlic was used in war time as an antibacterial drug. Plastered on wounds and eaten, garlic helped prevent; Gangrene, type A flu virus and the H1N1 flu.

In cancer studies, garlic prohibited 100% of human cancers cell growth in the breast, brain, lung, kidney, pancreas, prostate and stomach.

Garlic is the best anti-bacterial drug: “Common bacteria are one thousand times more likely to become resistant to our modern antibiotics than to garlic” – Jo Robinson, Eating on the Wild Side

Three cloves of garlic  is equal to one dose of penicillin, even though eating garlic, doesn’t have the same effect as injected penicillin.

How it works:

Garlic has alliin, a protein fragment and alliinase, a enzyme that is heat sensitive. When combined by slicing, crushing or chopping, allicin is formed.

After processing, wait just 10 minutes before cooking! Once the allicin in made, you can cook the garlic and still retain the antibacterial properties!

Where Does The Fat Go?

Ever wonder what the milk industry does with the fat they take out of skim milk?

In 1996 Americans consumed 8.76 pounds of cheese per year. At the time, this was the most we had ever consumed.

According to the International Dairy Foods Association, in 2010 Americans consumed 33.50 pounds of cheese per person.

The dairy industry is removing healthy fat from milk, replacing it with sugar and making cheese with the extra fat which they turn around and sell back to us in processed food products.

We’re paying twice for two products that aren’t good for us when we could be using healthy unprocessed milk.

Reference: Cheese Sales & Trends from the International Dairy Foods Association


What’s the Scoop on Nitrates?

“Sodium Nitrate” = a naturally occurring preservative.

Typically described as: Crystalline powder, much like salt.

Used by humans to: “Cure” or “Preserve” processed meats and as a commercial vegetable fertilizer.

Problem: Over application to crops by commercial farmers. Soil is unable to retain excess nitrates which then run off into ground water and into our drinking water. Consequently, (besides consuming large amounts of nitrates in processed meat) commercial vegetables and tap water are high in sodium nitrate.

“Sodium nitrite” = what your digestive system turns nitrates into.

So what? Excessive nitrites cause lack of oxygen in the blood, especially bad for babies and children, it’s called “blue baby syndrome” and causes nervous system defects, comas and death.

What about cancer? There are so many other variables in products that contain nitrates that no conclusive studies have yet shown a direct link between sodium nitrate and cancer.

“Nitrate-free” = No added nitrates, usually still contains the sodium nitrates found in celery, rather than crystalline sodium nitrate.

Prevention: Moderation! Eat less processed meats, drink reverse osmosis water (if possible) and eat seasonal, locally grown vegetables. Avoid “Nitrate-free” foods that still contain celery. Exercise! 30-60 min of moderate exercise per day. Weight loss reduces your risk of many types of cancer.

Read: More info from the EPA.